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Making Your Birthday Special


We probably didn’t title this one right as this young man certainly “stood tall” when it came to making his choice about what to do with his birthday money. We all, young and old, can learn something important from his example.

There are two freedoms. 
The false one where one is free to do what he likes.
And the true one where is free to do what he ought.

Charles Kingsley

Birthday Focus

while we can make slight changes to our outward appearance,


Most of us think primarily about ourselves as our birthday approaches, and certainly so when it arrives. What kind of presents will I receive? What will my party or celebration be like? How will I be surprised by what others do for me? Birthdays are special days and we tend to enjoy being the “center of attention” when they roll around. 

But, such was not the case with this young man.

Bottom line…this 7-year-old boy from Houston, Texas, used his birthday money to help feed the homeless on Thanksgiving.

When Dylan Virtudazo’s birthday party was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, he received some cash from his parents and family members. Initially unsure how to spend it, he came up with an idea when his teacher asked the students about their plans for Thanksgiving while pointing out that there were many homeless in the Houston area who were having little or no Thanksgiving at all.

Dylan’s idea was to use his birthday money to make “blessing bags” and give them to homeless individuals in the city. When his mom and teachers heard about his idea, they chipped in a little extra and Dylan was able to create 50 “blessing bags” containing face masks, hand sanitizer, bar soap, razors, water, lotion, a snack, and a note that read “You matter, God bless!”

His mom drove him to the homeless shelter on Thanksgiving to deliver the bags. He noted that the recipients had “cool eyes” meaning their eyes looked happy when they received the bags. One recipient even cried when he found out that Dylan was the mastermind behind it all.

“I just wanted to help,” the 7-year-old said.

We all “want” to help others, especially the homeless…the difference between Dylan and many of us is that he did something about it. We’ve made the point in many of the lessons in this library that “believing” something is fine, but it is through our actions…actually doing something…that people are helped. Thinking good things is fine, but doing good things is so much better.

while we can make slight changes to our outward appearance,

You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

Irish Proverb

Questions/Discussion Points



Name or describe “one good thing” that you’ve thought about several, possibly many times,
but never took any action to do something that might help the situation?


Does that situation or need still exist?


If yes, what will you now do to help?
If not, what is another way that you, like Dylan, can help others?

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