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Recognizing God’s Spirit “Inside” Your Life


If you have read and reviewed other lessons in our library, you most likely noted our belief that God’s Spirit lives in each of us and is with us from the moment we are conceived and throughout our lives…no matter what. Simply stated, we believe that is how God works in the world, through people like you and me guided by God’s Spirit within us. However, the choices we make ultimately determine whether God’s Spirit works though our life to help others or is, in effect, turned away by the decisions we make. Here is a true little story that confirms our belief far better than we could ever say it or write it.

It isn’t how much you do that counts,
but how much you do well and how often you decide right.

William Feather

Feeling It


When Brycen Gault, a young man who lives in Augusta, Georgia, turned 11, he didn’t ask for video games or a pair of those sneakers that were so popular among the middle school set. Instead, he told his mother that he wanted to use his $150 of birthday money to help feed those who were hungry. He recognized that many people had lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many didn’t have enough to eat.

Per his request, his mother took him to Chick-fil-A where Brycen purchased 20 meals. From there they drove to an inner area of town and Brycen gave out the 20 meals to homeless individuals there. They smiled, Brycen smiled, and all of them were happier as a result of the choice Brycen had made.

When they were driving away, Brycen asked, “Mom, did you feel that?”

“Feel what?” his mom replied.

while we can make slight changes to our outward appearance,

“Those chills from God,” he replied.

Brycen must have felt God’s Spirit within him. It seems to me that God’s Spirit was confirming to Brycen that what he had done was a good thing. We must also remember, if you believe as we do, that God’s Spirit is in and with each of those homeless individuals that Brycen helped that day. Who knows what Brycen’s example will motivate them to do, but the meal he provided will certainly help nourish them as they consider, in turn, how to help someone around them.

Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, 
you have done it unto me.

The Bible

Time for a Feelings Check?

Like Brycen, I’m sure you have felt God’s Spirit “at work” inside of you. Maybe it motivated you to help a neighbor in some way; maybe it led you to provide financial support to a worthy cause; maybe it spurred you to volunteer to help with an important local project. No question, there are many, many ways that God’s Spirit works through our lives to help others in some way. 

Maybe you have had such feelings but never gave any serious thought as to where they were coming from. If so, maybe it’s time for a feelings check. Maybe it’s time for you to pay closer attention to how God’s Spirit is directing your life and subtly motivating you to do certain helpful things. 

while we can make slight changes to our outward appearance,

And when you feel it…remember, you now have a choice to make.

Somewhere along the way, we must learn 
that there is nothing greater than to do something for others.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Questions/Discussion Points



Can you recall a time when you had a “special feeling” or motivation 
to help someone in some special way?


Do you think that feeling was God’s Spirit at work within you?


Are you aware of a special need in your family or community at this time?
Do you feel that God’s Spirit is directing you to address it in some way?
What choice will you make about it?

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